Eowyn is great. She is not only a talented massage therapist but really cares and always works on the piece of me that need ‘fixing’. It’s not your standard 25 minutes on the front and turn over and 25 minutes on the back. She tailors the massage to your needs and finds the spots that need work. Eowyn has fixed my hamstring the week before a half marathon and helped sort out my lower back before leaving for a challenging hike. She is a star. I’d highly recommend her.  I see her weekly and it is always both a delight and a treat.    ~  S.S.



Eowyn gave me one of the best massage sessions I’ve ever received!  She has the qualities of a very special massage therapist; she is kind and caring, and she’s also knowledgeable and professional. She is very skilled with massage techniques and she has a wonderful calming presence and quality of contact.  Eowyn helped me so much when my neck was stiff and painful, by the time she finished massaging me, I felt brand new, I had no pain left at all!  I  I will definitely recommend her to others, and I will definitely return to her.     ~ G.S.


Eowyn is a wonderful massage therapist; I see her for weekly and biweekly attentive massages that have greatly helped my knee injury and body pain while I was unable to exercise.  Additionally I sit a lot for my work and her massages have helped clear my hip and back pain!   Working with Eowyn has helped me get back into exercising and feel good in my body again.  In addition to being a warm and kind person, her massages are very relaxing enjoyable and helpful.  I highly recommend her!   ~ G.W.



I have been receiving massage from Eowyn for years and have simply never been disappointed.   She has a truly graceful combination of caring and knowledge that leaves my body feeling great and my spirit feeling refreshed.   She is also my go to gal for many of questions about my and my family’s wellness.   I love her work!     ~ C.M.



I have been looking for an exceptional licensed massage therapist NYC for a long time. I have found several good massage therapists, but I have finally found a great massage therapist in the city.  Eowyn is the best massage therapist I have found in the city so far.

Eowyn listened to my issues and was able to provide a massage that covered all the issues I was having. She was able to provide deep pressure (which I prefer) and make it a relaxing experience.

I look forward to my next appointment. ~ K. O.



I have really enjoyed my massages from Eowyn. She has a very calming presence which immediately puts you at ease. She is very receptive to any problem you are having and seems to truly want to help you feel better. Her massages involve a rocking technique that lulls you into an extremely relaxed state and allows her to work deeply. I will definitely use her again and highly recommend her!        ~ H.B.



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