Try out in-home massage

I offer in-home massage in Manhattan, NYC.  Major perks of in-home massage include:

  1. Schedule your massage soon after you wake up or just before sleep, maximise that twilight zone!
  2. no need to go directly out into the world immediately after your massage
  3. retreat quietly at home for a while after, meditate, journal, and soak up the goodness
  4. take a long hot epsom salt bath either before or after
  5. your beloved pets can be nearby, sharing in your relaxation (which I especially enjoy)
  6. you can do some yoga before or after your massage
  7. the simple convenience of not needing to travel anywhere, create a mini-retreat for yourself
  8. share in-home massage with your partner or other members of your family
  9. make an event of it and invite friends over to celebrate an event, or just each other!

In Manhattan, my clients have a massage table at home.  This allows for the most flexible scheduling and prevents burn out in the massage therapist!

If specialized treatments such as cupping and IASTM will be beneficial, it is important to let me know ahead of time as I don’t automatically bring that equipment.
Lastly, in-home massage clients are accepted only on a direct referral basis.

In home massage

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