Manhattan Location

My NYC massage therapy practice is located just west of Union Square, with a mission to provide outstanding client-centered work in each and every session.  I emphasize therapeutic work over relaxation, and tailor each session according to your current needs and wishes.

Techniques may include: Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, friction, IASTM/Graston, active release, deep breathing, PNF techniques, range of motion, stretching, heat packs, cupping, and more.

Manhattan massage appointments are available Tuesdays, Fridays, and occasional Saturdays.  Book your massage online or contact me to find a time that works with your schedule.

Main practice location is Highland, in upstate NY.  Read more about it here.

Manhattan Rates

  • 30 Minute Session   –   $75            
  • 60 Minute Session  –   $125           
  • 90 Minute Session  –   $165           

Please contact me directly about in-home massage.

NOTE:  I prefer NOT to accept gratuities.